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Silminnäkijä: Teheran 24.6.2009

UP-lehti julkaisee iranilaisen kirjoittajan kuvauksen tapahtumista paikan päältä Teheranista ilman nimeä hänen turvallisuutensa vuoksi.

A new phase has started in Iran. The coup makers wanted to wrap up things as soon as possible. Two weeks ago, when they fabricated the funny results of their sham election, even in their wildest dreams they couldn't imagine any resistance against themselves. Otherwise they would have worked more on the results to make them look more real. So, the resistance began the day after the coup, on Saturday two weeks ago. Then they thought: "Well, the supporters of Musavi are some chic rich sissy north Tehranis who would flee back to their homes if we shout on them." That didn't happen either. Besides, everybody could see that the opponents were millions and among them the religous people with full hijab, the war veterans, young and old, were not few.

Then, on last Friday prayer, the leader stepped in thinking HE would be able to mute everybody threatening the people of bloodshed. The day after (last Saturday) the flood of the people to the streets and challenging the leadership, proved that was wrong either. In that day for the first time after the Revolution, just in front of the eyes of millions, they spilled blood on the steets. That's something Iranians make no jokes with. In Shiia culture, "The blood always wins the Sword!" Neda's look in the eyes was something millions all over the world would never forget.

Now, they have brought thousands of riot police, all the revolutionary guard to the streets of Tehran and other major cities to mute the angry people. What they are doing on the streets these days are unbelievable to us. Last night in Haft-e Tir square, they didn't even let the people to use their mobile phones to call others. In their eyes, mobile phones in the hands of the people are the same as bombs. They are right to be afraid of it. In the absence of foreign journalists, the amateur videos taken by these cheap mobiles are seen by millions of the people all over the world and have left nothing of reputation and respect for the regime.

Going to the streets these days, you feel you are stepping into a huge garrison. They are standing in thousands in every imaginable corner. That's something they have to do, but still is something they don't like to. This shows they are muting people by the toughest force, by the most horrible kind of iron fist. So, how long they can continue it? You have to prove you are moving in an area which you live in or you work in. If not, they arrest you especially if you are a young one. Everybody knows it is an unannounced curfew.

At nights, the people who are not let to move in the streets these days, shout on their roofs. The shouts of the people are getting louder and louder and every night, new groups of people join to those who were shouting the night before. Basij (militia) patrols in the streets, trying to know in which house they are shouting. For now, they don't have time to mute the shouts from the roof tops, but the people know they will do that, if they win.

The situation is getting more and more complex. They have muted the people for the time being. But you can see the anger and the rage on the faces and in the looks of the people. The mourning people wearing black are in thousands now. The people curse in every imaginable chance they get. On newspapers stands, the people talk to each other, curse and exchange analyses. The least achievement of this movement, was this legitimacy crisis the regime is trapped in. They have lost it totally. Now, the battle scene and the forces lining on two sides are totally clear to us. The biggest majority of the people have no confusion about who is who and what the objectives are.

So, let's see what happens after this. The people have resisted so gloriously so far. The leaders of the movement are standing very well. Nobody has retreated yet. This has made the regime think twice before taking the next step. But what would be the outcome of these circumstances, when the regime has left no space for itself to retreat to? They invested whatever they had to win and they haven't won so far. So, what they can do in the future? Forgetting about power? I don't believe it. Suppressing more? Well, that may happen. But will they benefit from it? I doubt.


Nobody knows what will happen tomorrow. That's why we try to understand what's going on RIGHT NOW. You can't be sure of anything right now. It's like a chess game. They are playing their elements and we try to play our game.

Yes, Musavi is on the peak of the arrow. He is really under threat. Kayhan [most conservative newspaper in Iran] had a terrible title today saying that he is responsible for the blood spilled last week. You can imagine how these people are dangerous. All the people around him and in close circle around him have been arrested. What that means? He would be the next. If they could be sure they will win, they not only would have arrested Musavi, but also would have gone so further. The thing is that the game is not like what "misters" guessed it to be. The coup hasn't succeeded yet. We are sure they would have loved to get rid of the whole set of incidents as soon as possible. Two weeks we have been able to resist. They have suspended the final conclusion for five days more. It makes the whole story three week long. So, the game hasn't been in favor of them so far. And yes, if they win, Musavi would be wiped off the existance. That's for sure. He knows that himself. And I really adore him for his bravery. I am really happy that from this movement there is emerging a leader (may be!).

Today there were scattered clashes near Baharestan square. There are rumors that one girl was shot dead in the throat. I don't see the silence would be dominating the society in a near future.

My mom and I went to the place that Neda was shot dead and put some flowers over there. There were few people standing on the same spot. Basij shows up every night over there and cleans the place from flowers and black candles. They are even afraid of her memory.

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